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I have been trying all sorts of things, but the HeartMath program is [now] the foundation of it all. Intuitive Listening: I do that everyday now. I manage stress a hell of a lot better, to the point where I can be assertive, without being caught up with emotion.
- Anonymous, three months after training


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"When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…"

Practicing HeartMath® tools can be beneficial throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Here’s how:

During Pregnancy
Human fetuses react to maternal stress during pregnancy. [1][2] High levels of stress during pregnancy have not only been shown to have adverse effects on pregnancy outcome, but can also rob you of much of the joy of your pregnancy. You’re entitled to that joy, and practicing the HeartMath tools during pregnancy can have twice the utility: potential benefit for both you and your baby. These tools have been shown to reduce levels of cortisol (also known as the stress hormone),[3] and lower levels of cortisol during pregnancy have been associated with a lot of benefits, including reducing the risk for early delivery and low birth weight babies.[4]

Beyond the influence of stress on you and your baby during pregnancy, recent research suggests that a mom’s stress level during pregnancy impacts how her baby behaves after birth.[5] This research shows that moms who experience less stress during pregnancy are more likely to have happier babies (less crying, fussing, and negative facial expressions) than babies born to mothers who had higher levels of stress hormones. High levels of prenatal stress and anxiety have also been associated with increased risk of allergies, asthma,[6] and anxiety disorders[7] in children later in life. Even if you can’t control those stress-inducing circumstances around you during pregnancy, you can reduce their impact on your body and your baby. Call us at Thrive Health & Wellness to find out how.

Labor & Birth
Let’s face it: labor and birth are hard work. No matter what your birth plan looks like, a licensed HeartMath provider at Thrive Health & Wellness can help you prepare. Researchers have found that the presence or absence of fear and stress can directly impact perception of labor pain.[8] Learning to reduce your anxiety about birthing could therefore help you reduce the impact of fear on your labor pain. HeartMath has received many reports over the years from people who say that utilizing these scientifically researched and validated tools helped decrease their pain.[9] You can learn to apply these tools to help manage your stress and thereby reduce your stress-related labor pain regardless of whether you intend to use medication for pain relief as well.

In addition, we offer birth preparation techniques based on the Birthing From Within approach to childbearing. This includes helping mom to prepare emotionally and psychologically for labor and birth as well as a variety of pain management techniques.

Postpartum & Parenting
Have you ever watched a stressed, frazzled mother try to soothe a fussy infant? How did that go? Probably not particularly well. Infants and children are very responsive to their parents’ stress levels. The children of high-stress parents are themselves more likely to have high levels of stress hormones and more likely to display mental health symptoms.[10] Furthermore, in studies of children who were undergoing surgery, the children of mothers who were less stressed did better following surgery,[11] and it was found that treating the mother’s anxiety had significant positive impact on how well the children recovered from the surgery.[12] This same concept applies in day-to-day living: when parents learn to manage their own stress, their kids benefit as well. Contact us at Thrive Health & Wellness and we can help you get started on the path to parenting the way you want to – isn’t it time you started thriving?

Contact us today to schedule a free telephone consultation. Sessions are available a la carte or as part of our Prenatal Wellness and Childbearing Year packages. Depending on your policy, most sessions are eligible for health insurance reimbursement.

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